Work at your computer protects your eyesight

Work at your computer protects your eyesight. Long term work on the computer causes fatigue, drying of the eyes, and problems of maintaining concentration. Given that many jobs today are unthinkable without a computer, most of us spend eight hours or more in front of a monitor. After staring at the monitor for hours, we experience symptoms of computer fatigue, which include redness and burning sensation, dry eyes, blurred vision, headache. Research has shown that 80-90% of people who use a computer daily at work suffer from these disorders.

Tips for sitting properly while working at your computer

Sit upright and relaxed, keep your elbows close to your body and at a 90-degree angle, keep your head up, keep your feet on the floor, the distance between eyes and monitor should be 40cm to 75cm. The monitor should be at eye level or slightly below, the chair height should be 38cm to 55cm and the table height should be 72cm to 75cm. Take a break before you feel the need for it.

How to Protect Your Eyes and Sight

Keep an eye out for lighting! It is important not to work in the dark or in a darkened space, but the light should not be too strong either. Position the monitor so that your windows are on the side, not in front of or behind the monitor. It is desirable that the light reflection is as small as possible.

Moisten your eyes! For dry and irritated eyes, it is recommended to use artificial tears in the form of eye drops. In addition to eye drops, there are gel formulas that are used for night care in extremely dry eyes. Change your glasses! Reading glasses are also not suitable for working on a computer because the distance from the monitor is longer. An ophthalmologist will determine your diopter by expert examination, and which diopter glasses best fit your eyes. Adjust text size and contrast, especially when reading or writing longer texts. Black text on a white background is the best combination for your eyes. Take a break! Rest as much as possible to keep your eyes rested.

Exercises to keep your eyesight

Constantly staring at the monitor weakens the eye muscle, but exercising regularly can reduce these problems. Here are some of the exercises that may be of use to you:

  • By rubbing, warm your palms and cover your eyes, do not press them.
  • Without moving your head, look toward the ceiling, then toward the floor, then right and left.
  • Look into the distance, preferably through a window, into a distant object, and keep your eyes on for at least ten seconds. Repeat several times a day.
  • Extend your thumb 30cm in front of you, focus your view on your thumb than on a distant object.
  • Raise your finger in the air and focus your eyes on that finger, slowly bring your finger closer to your eyes and follow it with your eyes, bringing your finger closer to 5cm from your face. Then slowly move your finger away. Repeat the exercise for two minutes.

Remember, eye exercises can keep your eyesight.

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Work at your computer protect your eyesight