Ways To Keep Breast Cancer Out Of Your Future

Apart from all types of cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer faced by women these days. Especially, like one in every 8 women is developing breast cancer in the USA according to a research in the American Cancer Society.

Fortunately, a safety measure in the early stages of breast cancer. Can help to reduce it and prevent it completely from your body.

How to keep breast cancer out of your future, here are 10 ways to avoid it completely from your life. You need to follow them regularly to maintain your overall health.

10 Ways To Keep Breast Cancer Out Of Your Future:

Try To Find Out Family History In Breast Cancer:

It’s very important to know about the family history of breast cancer because more than 10% of all cancers including breast cancer are passed from one generation to next via mutual genes.

It is believed that one in five hundred people carry a faulty gene which can make them susceptible to the disease. Even multiple diagnoses on either side of your family can be a clue to hereditary link, so be sure to take a look at uncles, aunts, cousins and more.

If you are really concerned, then reach out to the family physician, if he or she believes there is a cause for concern you may be referred for a special test that helps to identify if you are carrying the faulty gene linked to the illness.

Be Breast Aware:

More than 90 percent of breast tumors are detected by women’s itself; learning about the density of breast is the new way to protect yourself from cancer.

When you have more tissues then fat in your breasts it makes it harder to detect the symptoms of cancer. The one and an only possible way are that the tissues of cancer will look up white where the fat looks darker.

So women are advised to become breast aware, it is nothing but getting to know what your breast look like, at different types of the month so that any abnormal change you can spot it easily.

Regular Exercise:

Several studies have concluded that regular exercise will reduce the risk of breast cancer. Because irregular exercise will increase the estrogen levels in your body and even increases your weight.

So, half an hour of exercise three times a week will definitely help you to prevent the cause of cancer and even controls your weight and improve your overall health.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake:

Researchers believed that regular intake of alcohol is also linked to improving breast cancer in women. Because it increases estrogen levels in your body that often leads to cancer.

Even some people say that a moderate amount of alcohol intake is also unsafe for women; while others claim that drinking 14 units of alcohol in a week might help to avoid the disease.

However, studies are not yet proven, so until consuming more than 14 glasses in a week may often leave you in the danger zone of breast cancer.

Breastfeed Your Baby:

According to a study in American general clinical nutrition, it has been declared that women who consistently breastfeed for 6 months have 10% reduced the risk of cancer compared with those who don’t.

Because the woman doesn’t menstruate while breastfeeding, it limits the number of cycles where she could go through her lifetime. This process lowers the number of estrogen levels her body exposed too.

Avoid Unnecessary Screening Tests:

Undergoing through many numbers of high screening tests may put you in danger because it can cause DNA mutation of cells.

A test called mammograms is quite enough to know the stage of breast cancer to handle with! This test delivers only small doses of radiation and following general guidelines will not make an issue in your treatment.

So, avoid unnecessary screening tests to help yourself from developing breast cancer.

Eat The Right Food:

It is always best to protect your overall health just by following the perfect and healthy diet. Many studies have been concluded that your diet is linked to developing cancer in your body.

Avoid high-fat foods in your body and researchers recently found that women who have a high number of carotenoid levels in their bloodstream have a very low risk for developing cancer. So, it better to include fruits and vegetables which are rich in carotenoids.

Watch Your Weight:

Obesity is one of the most dangerous problems that can easily increase the risk of breast cancer. Researchers found that women who are more than 45 pounds after 18 are more prone to develop breast cancer.

It’s better to reduce the calorie intake in your regular routine will automatically reduce 80-90% risk of breast tumors.

Take That Extra Step If You’re At Higher Risk:

Don’t try to stress yourself after recognizing the disease, because stressing yourself will lead to increase the risk of breast cancer of about 50%.

Don’t forget to exercise regularly, which will also help you to maintain your overall health.

Eat healthily; include all protein-rich foods in your diet that may reduce the risk of cancer.

Take an appointment with your genetic counselor, if you have noted that your breast cancer is linked to the mutation.

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