This Vitamin Keeps Mosquitoes Away All Summer Long!!!

This Vitamin Keeps Mosquitoes Away All Summer Long!!! So naturally, you just buy the over the counter stuff, and spray all over yourself, right? Yeah, right, if you are really into dousing yourself with those nasty chemicals that stick to your skin, smell toxic, and actually are toxic if you happen to ingest them. There are alternatives that are not only safer but just as, if not more, effective.

Apparently, scent plays a role on whether or not one is prone to bite. Certain acid production on the skin, or a lot of cholesterol or steroidal concentration on the skin can be prime biting ground for these pesky bugs. Carbon dioxide on the skin, produced by those who are pregnant or overweight can attract more mosquitoes as well.

Beyond the bites, mosquitoes can also carry diseases such as the following:

Yellow Fever (causes chills, jaundice, and vomiting)
Malaria (causes vomiting, fever, chills)
Zika (causes birth defects)
West Nile (causes rashes, fever, joint pain, and vomiting)
Dengue (causes severe, hemorrhagic fever)
Chikungunya (causes rashes, joint pain, and nausea)
Jamestown Canyon (causes flu-like symptoms)
Snowshoe Hare (causes vomiting, rashes, dizziness)
Rift Valley Fever (causes eye damage, dizziness, weakness)
La Crosse Encephalitis (causes nausea and fever)

With 175 different kinds of mosquitoes in the US, the chances of them carrying a variety of the above is definitely there, thus you should be aware of how to protect you and your family, naturally, without having to resort to chemicals.

B1 Vitamin

What is this vitamin that can keep these annoying pests away? It is vitamin B1, also known as thiamine.

Though not yet proven scientifically to be effective in repelling mosquitoes, there are many people out there that are adamant that B1 does in fact work.

Given all the health benefits that are already associated with the vitamin, there’s really nothing to lose if you give it a try. B1 supplements can be found at your local pharmacy or healthcare store.

Typically it is recommended that you take 25-50 mg three times per day. For those that want to take a more natural route to add B1 to their diet, there are many foods you can eat that will produce the same effect.

Kale, broccoli, beans, whole grains and sunflower seeds are just a few examples of foods high in B1.

Why is B1 vitamin so go for you?

B1 helps convert sugar to energy that the body can use. It is also a strong antioxidant that helps slow aging.

The benefits don’t stop there. Vitamin B1 also helps to keep skin, hair, eyes, the liver, and the nervous system healthy and functioning properly.

It even helps the body handle stress better.

How about a natural DIY bug spray? This one works awesome. You use organic apple cider vinegar and fresh parsley! Add a handful of fresh parsley leaves and then add in four ounces of organic apple cider vinegar to a mortar and pestle.

Now you want to mash the leaves thoroughly. Then let the mix sit overnight, or at least for several hours. Strain out all the solids. Then pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Keep it in the fridge and you can even add essential oils to give it a pleasant smelling scent!

All Natural Mosquito Repellent


  • Tea tree oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Witch hazel
  • Cooled boiled water


Fill an 8oz. spray bottle halfway with boiled water (allow it to cool down first!)
Add ½ tsp of witch hazel
15 drops of tea tree oil
Add 15 drops of lavender oil
Use as needed

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