This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others

This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others. The remedy that will be presented here is recommended by the healed person Rick Simpson, who managed to heal himself of skin cancer in 2003 by using cannabis oil.

After being diagnosed with skin cancer in 2003, Rick experienced conventional treatment and surgery, but this Western method of ‘treating’ the issue, did little to benefit his condition.

As he was desperate, he decided to do something drastic – at least in the eyes of the mainstream. He remembered that thirty years ago, the University of Virginia discovered that cannabinoid in cannabis THC succeeds to kill cancer in mice. That was enough for him to decide to do it believing that if it works for mice, it should work for him too. Thus, he began applying cannabis oil to his skin cancer. Following the upcoming results and was ready to give up if it doesn’t work.

The wonder happened in just a short period of time, his cancer disappeared. His success inspired many others to get cannabis oil and try it as an alternative treatment for cancer.

However, this therapy was not successful for that purpose, but it has proven to be wildly successful for a wide variety of ailments. As a result of that, even the U.S. National Cancer Institute recently admitted that marijuana kills cancer cells.

Because of many types of research and their positive reports. The public’s perception of that herb as a medicine has changed drastically in recent years. That could be a sign for many who are suffering from cancer, to try out Rick Simpson’s personal cannabis oil recipe.


  •  These instructions are from Rick Simpson’s website
  •   You should be VERY careful when boiling solvent off because the fumes are extremely flammable
  •  AVOID smoking, stove-tops, sparks, and red-hot heating elements
  •  You should set up a fan to blow fumes away from the pot, and the area for the whole process should be well-ventilated.

Homemade Medicinal Cannabis Oil


  •  Start with one ounce of dried herb that is enough for producing 3-4 grams of oil, (a pound of dried material will yield about two ounces of high-quality oil).
  •  Place the dry material in a plastic bucket
  •   Dampen the material with the solvent you are using (pure naphtha, butane or 99% isopropyl alcohol).
  •  Two gallons of solvent is required to extract the THC from one pound,
  •   The plant material should be crushed by using a stick of clean, untreated wood or any other similar device until it is completely covered and soaked.
  •   Stir the mixture for about three minutes, until the THC is dissolved off the material into the solvent
  •  Pour the solvent-oil mixture off the plant material into another bucket, which is the part of the process when the material is stripped of about 80% of its THC.
  •  Second wash: add solvent to the mixture and work for another three minutes to extract the remaining THC.
  •  Combine this solvent-oil mix with the first mix
  •  Remove the twice washed plant material
  •  The solvent-oil mixture should be filtered through a coffee filter into a clean container.
  •  Boil the solvent in a rice cooker.

CAUTION: red-hot elements, avoid stove-tops, sparks, cigarettes, and open flames

  • Add solvent to rice cooker until it is about ¾ full and turn on HIGH heat.
  •  As the solvent evaporates, continue to add the mixture to cooker until you add it all.
  •  When the level in the rice cooker decreases for the last time, add a few drops of water (which should be about 10 drops of water for a pound of dry material).
  •  When you get one inch of the solvent-water mixture in the rice cooker, put on your oven mitts and pick the unit up and swirl it until the solvent has finished boiling off.
  •  After boiling, turn the cooker to LOW heat (290 degrees F or 140 degrees C).
  •  Keeping your oven mitts on, remove the pot containing the oil from the rice cooker and gently pour the oil into a stainless steel container
  •  Place the stainless steel container in a dehydrator a few hours, while there is no longer any surface activity on the oil. The oil is ready for use.
  •  Pour the oil up in a plastic syringe, which will make the oil easy to dispense.

For dosage information, you can check out more on Rick’s website.

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This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others