This Hormone Is The Reason Why You Cannot Lose Weight

This Hormone Is The Reason Why You Cannot Lose Weight. How come am I not losing weight?  What causes me to lose weight unsuccessfully over and over again? If you struggled with these questions and don’t know what to do next, read on as maybe hormones are to blame when it comes to your unsuccessful attempt to lose weight.

Leptin, which is also known as the “obesity hormone” or “fat hormone” — but also as the “starvation hormone”, is responsible for the regulation of weight and energy.  It passes the barrier between blood and brain and binds to receptors in the appetite center of the brain.

This hormone stimulates the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and it forces fatty tissues to spend energy.  But, the body may build up resistance to this hormone, which is actually quite common these days. It occurs when leptin fails to reach its targets and becomes unable to control appetite.

High leptin levels make the person less sensitive to it.  Consequently, the brain fails to follow the signals it receives, which in turn leads to compulsive eating and poor metabolism. Below you have a shortlist outlining some of the most common symptoms of leptin resistance:

Symptoms of Leptin Resistance

  • Frequent snacking after meals
  • Fatigue after meals
  • Late-night eating
  • Hypertension
  • Insomnia
  • Inability to lose excess weight
  • Sugar cravings
  • A high number of triglycerides
  • Anxiety
  • Poor motivation
  • Weight gain
  • Uncontrollable cravings
  • Stress eating

How to Reverse Leptin Resistance?

  • Avoid carbohydrates, fats, high fructose corn syrup, and fats
  • Eliminate processed foods from your diet
  • Replace carbs with soluble fiber and protein
  • Eat more organic and whole foods
  • Include more saturated and monounsaturated fats in your diet, like the ones found in nuts, animal fats, avocados, butter, and coconut oil
  • Use krill oil or other animal-based omega-3 fatty acids
  • Engage in some physical activity as it reverses leptin resistance and restores the natural balance in the body
  • Get enough sleep as leptin issues can be also caused by lack of sleep/ sleep deprivation

Note that you should check your leptin levels on a regular basis in order to detect and fix any issues on time. Approach them naturally, using the tips provided above! Remember, overcoming leptin resistance may be the key to winning the battle against obesity!

Five Steps To Increasing Metabolism

  • Maximize flavor and nutrition: Opt for foods that provide the most flavor and nutritional value.
  • Benefit from Omega-3 Oils: Some of the best sources include flax sees, walnuts, and beans, particularly kidney and navy.
  • Up Your Fruit and Veg Servings to 9 or 10 a Day: Choose fruits and veggies with deep color.
  • Skip the Artificial Sweeteners: They interfere with weight loss.
  • Enjoy Healthy Snacks and Desserts: The best options include snacks such as crunchy walnuts or almonds.

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This Hormone Is The Reason Why You Cannot Lose Weight