Stunning Blue Orchids To Brighten Up Your Home

Stunning Blue Orchids To Brighten Up Your Home. Orchids come in all shapes, sizes, and hues, including a beautiful blue shade. If you’re looking for a plant to brighten up your home, a blue orchid guarantees to bring even the dullest of interior spaces to life. And providing you take care of them, they can last for many years.

Blue orchids, although rare, are now becoming more readily available. Orchids themselves have always been acclaimed. A vivid blue Orchid, on the other hand, has the ability to really wow its audience.

Read on to learn more about the many stunning blue orchids available – some of which are easier to get your hands on than others! Here we look at orchids you’ll want if you’re looking to freshen up your lounge, kitchen, dining or bedroom areas.

Blue Orchids for your Home

The Blue Mystique Orchid

This particularly colorful species of orchid boasts a vivid blue hue. The company behind creating them use a top-secret formula and infusion process to dye the petals. When new blooms begin to grow, they’ll appear an angelic white.

To prolong the lifespan of this orchid, it’s important to replant the flower in a loose mixture of bark and charcoal. Orchids tend not to thrive in regular soil and prefer clay pots.

Stunning Blue Orchids To Brighten Up Your Home

The Phalaenopsis Orchid

This particular species of Orchid is said to be the most prevalent flower for the home, but why? It probably because they’re practically maintenance-free. Providing you replant your Orchid at least every three years and ensure the soil is never completely dry, your orchid will re-bloom time and time again.

Blue flowers, although difficult to find, are not impossible to source. Blue Orchids, however, tend to be white Orchids that have been dyed with a special pigment. This dye won’t damage the flower; they will simply grow back an equally aesthetically pleasing white shade, which looks just as idyllic when displayed in the home.

Stunning Blue Orchids To Brighten Up Your Home

The Royal Blue Phal

Blue is a popular color for a special occasion and also in home décor. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party and wish to invest in an idyllic centerpiece or quite simply wish to brighten up a room in the household, a vivid blue will instantly become center of attention.

Despite being very rare in nature, the floriculture industry has managed to successfully create a deep blue orchid plant through a special infusion process. This living potted plant boasts a spectacular color and as such, is a popular choice for the green-fingered enthusiast.

The Blue Phal is now one of the most prevalent potted Orchids in existence and anyone who walks past such a dazzlingly blue flower will likely stop in their tracks to admire the vibrant blooms.

Stunning Blue Orchids To Brighten Up Your Home

The Pale Blue Orchid

Orchids boasting a rich blue hue tend not to be the product of nature and instead, the result of a patented process that uses a dye component to achieve this stunning shade.

There are however a few wild blue Orchids available. These rare plants reveal a pale blue, pink and purple shade and make an idyllic option for the home. They are endangered in some areas and can be difficult to get a hold of, which is why more and more florists are choosing to recreate these flowers using a special dye and white orchids.

The Blue Dendrobium

This strangely enticing floral display, available from Serenata, boasts a series of dyed, pigmented, vivid blue Dendrobium orchids. These unique blooms will not only be the talking point at a dinner party, they’ll add an instant splash of color to any room in the home or office. Whether you give them as a gift to a loved one (who is fond of the more unusual floral display) or gift them to yours truly, the Blue Dendrobium is undeniably exciting.

Stunning Blue Orchids To Brighten Up Your Home

Acacallis cyanea

Native to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela, the Acacallis cyanea is an extremely showy species of plant. It’s widely cultivated as an ornamental flower, with many people choosing to display it in their home. In rare cases, some cultivators are able to produce blue flowers, particularly when using a controlled growing environment.

Originally found in South America, in lowland, wet rainforests, they grow in the lower sections of tree trunks. Unlike many Orchids, they are able to survive harsh waters and will often be submerged for many months during the monsoon season.

The plants cultivate from a creeping rhizome, complete with spread out pseudobulbs. Each pseudobulb boasts one apical. When in full bloom, these plants can yield up to 10 flowers. Each flower boasts an almost surreal, metallic shade, which looks a little like blue metal. When removed from direct sunlight, they can appear an even deeper shade of blue.

Stunning Blue Orchids To Brighten Up Your Home


The Cattleya is commonly found in Costa Rica in South America. Originally discovered by William Cattley and John Lindley, William Swainson later shipped it to the Glasgow Botanic Gardens to discover more about this species of plant.

In the 1950’s they were often sought after by those in the cut-flower trade, due to their large eccentric flowers. Although not a deep blue, they grow in almost every shade including a pastel blue hue. Most flowers boast three narrow sepals and three broad petals. Two of the petals appear the same shade, whilst the third is often somewhat different in color. Asides from their picture-perfect colors, they’re also patterned with numerous specks and markings, including a frilly edge. Most plants will yield at least one or two flowers, whilst many can grow up to ten.

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Stunning Blue Orchids To Brighten Up Your Home

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Stunning Blue Orchids To Brighten Up Your Home

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