Signs That You Are In A Toxic Relationship

Signs That You Are In A Toxic Relationship. We’ve talked about things to dump from your mind and your life that hold you back. Among all of them, toxic relationships are probably the most damaging to our well-being because they consume us from the inside.

We believe that you deserve the best things in your life. A broken relationship will keep you from truly enjoying the happiness you should have.

No relationship is perfect, but if yours meet some of these signs of toxic relationships, you should be reconsidering if it worth working for anymore.

15 signs of a toxic relationship

You are constantly trying to please your partner

A healthy relationship should inspire both of you to be better. But when your boyfriend/girlfriend is a demanding narcissist, you may feel impossible to please him no matter what you do.

If you feel like you are making progress and doing things just to make him/her happy or to earn the attention, it’s a big red flag of a toxic relationship.

Lack of respect

Mutual respect and trust are the two foundations of a healthy relationship.

Sometimes we make jokes and call each other names. But if we truly love someone and care about his/her feelings, we will never let anything disrespectful come out of our mouth.

There’s a difference between making fun and crossing the line. If he/she personally insults you without considering your feelings, you should really be thinking if he/she is the right one for you.

You feel uncomfortable to talk about problems with your partner

No relationship’s perfect. But responsible adults know how to face and solve their problems.

If your Significant Other always yells, run away from the topic or worst, blames you for everything when you are trying to talk about the real issues, he/she is not grown-up enough to treat you the way you should be treated.

You feel better off being alone or with friends

It simply indicates that you are not enjoying the companion and presence of your SO.

In this case, you will be more into talking with your friend or reading a book by yourself. And a date with your partner is simply boredom or pain.

“Future” is a taboo

Dating is a trial process of testing if the chemistry turns into a relationship.

When the dust settles down, it makes sense of responsibility, communication, and planning for a relationship to continue to grow.

If he/she taking your relationship as something long-term, you two should be both excited talking about your future together.

But if all they do is to avoid the topic the best they can, they might not be emotionally available for a serious relationship.

You always got left alone when you need help

Mutual support is the touchstone of a healthy and strong relationship. When both of you are loving each other regardless of the hardships, you should be each other’s strongest back.

On the contrary, if he/she is never there when you need help and love, there’s a chance that your partner is not devoting into the relationship or simply being selfish.

You feel jeopardized by double standards

“I don’t like that you spent too much time hanging out with your ‘coworkers’.”

“Well, I don’t like it either when you choose to go party with your friends without letting me know.”

“Are you saying that I am cheating on you? You are not trusting me.”

This is just any conversation with a narcissist partner. Narcissists never doubt themselves. It’s always someone else’s fault.

They will try everything to point fingers at you even you’ve done nothing wrong. And this is the relationship you should be running away from.

You are always jealous

Those who truly love you in the right way will spoil you with security and pleasure. A little jealousy is ok, but if that has become the theme of your relationship, you might need to consider the reason.

You are drowning with negativity

It may be cruel, but the transformation of personality takes a great amount of work, especially for adults. So never get into or stick to a relationship hoping that he/she is going to change.

Leaving someone that is too negative or depressed is not selfish. Not everyone is strong enough to handle a swirl. Instead of drowning together, the best that you can do is to find professional help for him/her, which is probably what they need the most.

You feel drained

If you feel exhausted all the time when you are with your partner, that’s your body reacting to the unpleasant energy.

Remember your last boring job? The manager that is so hard to deal with? And the feeling of being drained back home every day? This happens when you force yourself to do something that you hate.

It’s the same case with relationships. Your mind may take longer to admit it but your body tells you so much earlier. When a relationship is tiring instead of exciting, you may need to dig a little deeper to figure out if you are on for this.

Your efforts are unappreciated

Everyone wants to be needed and appreciated. If your partner is not giving you any positive feedback no matter how much you do, it could be that 1) they are taking you for granted, 2) your efforts are unvalued to them.

You are the “invisible”

If you are not dating a star of any kind, your relationship should not be kept in secret.

Never find any photos of you together in his/her Instagram? None of his/her friends knows about you? Keep an eye on your partner because he/she may be trying to play “single”.

Always busy

It is totally understandable to miss one or two dates because of a tight schedule. Not everyone can achieve a perfect work-life balance.

But this keeps happening with different excuses, or if he/she has time for gaming, shopping and everything except for you, it’s a big warning of a toxic relationship.

You try to distract your attention from your partner

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if a relationship is toxic or not because you are in the middle of it.

But if everyone you know says so, there’s must be a reason for it. Once you step out of it and see it from an outsider’s perspective, you would be glad that you made the right call.

Everyone around you thinks that you are too good for him/her

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship that made you say “I should have known”?

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Signs That You Are In A Toxic Relationship