Recycling Coffee On Your Homestead

Recycling Coffee On Your Homestead. Recycling coffee on your homestead, do you do it? We are BIG coffee drinkers around here and there is a lot of leftover grounds. I am happy to report that recycling coffee grounds is a great benefit to your homestead.

Recycling Coffee On Your Homestead

Don’t throw those used grounds away! They’ve made you an awesome cup of coffee now they can help your homestead!

Compost it

This is the hands-down easiest way to use those coffee grounds. Just toss them in your compost pile, the paper filter can go too. Even though they are brown, it is a green in your compost pile. The recycled beans bump you nitrogen and your garden will thank you.

Fertilize plants directly

You can put coffee grounds directly in your soil, without composting, as a fertilizer. Using it directly in your garden won’t give it the nitrogen boost that composting it will. BUT you’ll have an awesome organic material in your soil that can help microorganism health, attract worms as well as aerate your soil.

Keep garden pests away

Slugs, snails, ants are not coffee fans. Sprinkle the grounds where you’re having issues or where you’d like to prevent them.

Keeps worms happy

Coffee grounds are a yummy welcome mat for earthworms. Whether you’re growing your own worm farm or you just want to invite them into your garden; worms are attracted to the coffee (like me in the morning).

Bump up your carrot and radish crop

Caffeinated veggies? Well sort of. Carrots and radish seeds, planted with a little coffee grounds, keep pests at bay and increase your harvest. Can you say win-win?

Keep the fridge & freezer stink free

Just like baking soda, a little coffee grounds in your fridge and freezer can help it smell fresh.

Get smells off your hands

Cutting onions or garlic? Give your hands a coffee bath when you’re done to remove the stench. Just a little in your hands to scrub up, then rinse and wash as normal. BONUS – coffee is also a great exfoliator so your hands will be softer too!

Keep kitty from using your garden as a toilet

I love kitties, but my cats have always stayed indoors. For those who want to use your garden as their personal potty…try recycling coffee grounds there. Mix coffee grounds with orange peel and sprinkle where you don’t want them.

Car deodorizer

Want to make your ride smell amazing? Try coffee as a car deodorizer. Dry out your used grounds then put them in some pantyhose (make sure to tie them tight) and put under a seat in your car. Though you may find yourself stopping for coffee more often…

Make a sepia dye

You can dye fabric, paper, yarn and even eggs with coffee grounds.

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