Popular Children’s Snacks Made With Cancer-Causing Petroleum Products

Popular Children’s Snacks Made With Cancer Causing Petroleum Products. You child is ingesting estrogen without realizing it from these everyday snacks. Petroleum-based products are classified as xenoestrogens, even the refined varieties.

The snack foods that are marketed for children can have anything from cancer-causing artificial coloring to the unbelievable, petroleum products!! Petroleum is the same ingredient that is used to make up oil and gas. Commonly used food dyes, such as Yellow 5, and Red 40 are made from petroleum and pose serious health problems. The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that ingestion is typically under the “concern threshold.”

Those health problems can include hyperactivity in children, cancer (in animal studies), and allergic reactions. Artificial food coloring has been linked to bed-wetting, ear infections, headaches, hypersensitivity, obesity, asthma, diabetes, eczema, mood swings, hyperactivity, sleep disturbances, increased risky behavior, ADD/ADHD, chromosomal damage, hives, and possibly hypoglycemia.

In fact, these substances are so toxic that the British government and European Union have ended the use of dyes throughout Europe.

Pop tarts

The most important supplement that everyone must take daily

These toaster pastries were first introduced in 1964. The Frosted Strawberry flavor has corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and sugar within the first 6 ingredients! These are all forms of harmful sugar. The other alarming ingredients are TBHQ which comes from petroleum and is related to butane, partially hydrogenated soybean oil that causes cellular dysfunction, and cancer-causing artificial colors.

Fruit snacks

These come in so many “fruit” flavors and characters they may be hard to resist until you realize they are made mostly is artificial additives and colors. Red 3 is a commonly used food coloring, also known as E127 or Erythrosine, a petroleum product.


They are fun colorful chocolate candies that melt in your mouth and not in your hands… These colors are artificial and are harmful when ingested. The colors utilized are, Blue #2: Is a petroleum-based product that increases hyperactivity in children, increases brain tumors in lab rats and other abnormal cell development. Blue #1: Produces malignant tumors. Red #40: Damages DNA. Yellow #6: Can cause cancer and Yellow #5: All of these artificial colors are made from petroleum and can cause, in addition, allergic reactions, hyperactivity, and cancer.


The cheese snacks that everyone loves are filled with orange artificial color which clearly contains petroleum. The flavoring which resembles cheese includes ethyl methylphenidate and methyl benzoate.

Teddy grams

These appeared in 1988. We can find them in 5 different flavors. The tiny bears contain dangerous amounts of TBHQ which is known to be toxic and cause ringing in the ear, nausea, delirium, vomiting, and collapse. It can also damage the umbilical and lung cells as well as cause stomach cancer. In children, it causes restlessness, anxiety, ADHD etc.

This artificial colors in the food should be avoided at all costs because their continuous usage can damage people’s health. You should be health conscious and take care of the food that you eat and give to your children. They should definitely consume organic fruit and vegetables which are naturally colorful.

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