Plants that Attract Ladybugs

Plants that Attract Ladybugs. Discover the plants that attract ladybugs, ladybugs are among one of the most helpful insects that much that you must invite them in your yard to drive away insects away. Ladybugs are the symbol of organic gardening and are the most precious pests of gardeners and farmers who do not utilize pesticides. Ladybugs are friendly insects they feed primarily on aphids, scales, and their eggs, they also eat mealybugs and other parasitical pests like whiteflies.

In their life cycle, it is calculated that they can feed on greater than 5,000 prey. Ladybugs likewise consume pollen of a couple of plants so if you wish to attract them to your garden, these plants are most advised. Below we’ve detailed 26 plants that attract ladybugs in the garden and you can grow a few of these plants to lure them in abundance.

Butterfly Weed

It is called butterfly weed as a result of its ability to attract butterflies. This indigenous American wild plant attracts butterflies because of the intense color of its flowers and nectar. It additionally entices lady beetles and various other pollinators.

Queen Anne’s Lace

It is additionally called “Wild Carrot” or “Bishop’s Lace”, queen Anne’s lace is a useful herbaceous plant. It looks comparable to poison hemlock, its roots are edible like a carrot. Wild carrot is proclaimed a noxious weed by the United States department of agriculture however it attracts wasps and bees and ladybugs.


Parsley is the most usual herb, it is actually very easy to grow a plant. Like all other umbel formed plants, it attracts ladybird towards itself.

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Cilantro is a sweet and extremely fragrant natural herb, made use of strongly in South Asian cuisines. You can grow cilantro in your garden, its odor attracts ladybugs.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum is pretty flowers that bloom in clusters. This mildly fragrant annual is preferred by ladybugs. Growing sweet alyssum is easy once the temperature is around 60 – 65 F (15 – 18 C).


Calendula additionally comes from the “Aster” family, this blooming natural herb is renowned for its comforting properties. Calen. flowers grow in the summer season (in wintertime in tropics), these flowers are edible. It is very easy to grow and among the blossoms that attract ladybugs, they love to consume its pollen. You can also grow it in a pot and it looks lovely in balcony railing planters.

Bachelor’s Button

Plants that Attract Ladybugs
Bachelor’s Button

Called “Blue Button” or “Corn Flower” this plant belongs to the aster family. Its eye-catching blue flowers and pollen lure ladybugs. Bachelor’s button flowers also come in pink and white color. These American wildflowers are simple to grow and low maintenance.


This feathery leaf herb is not just used to flavor the recipes however also to draw in pollinators and ladybugs. When grown with tomatoes, dill repels tomato hornworms. You can grow dill with vegetables and flowers. If growing in containers, bear in mind to grow dill in a deep pot as it develops long roots.


Ladybugs are attracted to geranium. It is one of the hardiest, low maintenance and valued plants that you ought to grow in your garden. Aromatic geranium additionally repels away mosquitoes and other bothering bugs and attracts moths and butterflies.


Garlic flowers attract pollinators and beneficial bugs like ladybugs. This garlic repels pests and bugs like flies and mosquitoes. Garlic is easy to grow and not a fussy plant.

Other Plants that attract Ladybugs

  •  Dandelion
  •  Tansy
  •  Fennel
  •  Butterfly Weed
  •  Common Yarrow
  •  Bugleweed
  •  Cosmos
  •  Maximilian Sunflower
  •  Caraway
  •  Angelica
  •  Statice
  •  Feverfew
  •  Coreopsis
  •  Chives
  •  Coneflowers
  •  Mint

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Plants that Attract Ladybugs