Medicinal Plants You Can Easily Grow In Your Kitchen

Medicinal Plants You Can Easily Grow In Your Kitchen. If you are tired of running to the store whenever you feel an ailment, you’re not alone. We’ve gotten pretty used to just grabbing something from our local pharmacy whenever we get any sort of discomfort, but we know it’s not really the best thing we can do for our health.

Fortunately, there are plenty of plants that can help with these mild ailments and they’re very cheap to grow in your own kitchen. If you’ve had enough of the late night drug store runs, read on.


Understandably, peppermint can be a bit much for some people as it has a strong flavor, but sage is a great replacement! It helps with digestion as it is part of the mint family. A word of caution if you have allergies to peppermint, make sure to avoid sage for this very reason.


While many people tend to avoid the subject of flatulence, the thing is, it happens-there are ways to reduce it though! Take some peppermint tea (which is delicious, by the way) and you’ll possibly save yourself some embarrassment.


Next time you are considering buying some dandruff shampoo, try something with rosemary in it. Rosemary works wonders for scalp issues and can even stimulate hair growth. If you enjoy the taste, take it in your tea or use it to season your food for its memory boosting properties.


If you’re looking to take more than just lavender in your tea to ease your stress, consider adding some chamomile. Not only will it help with insomnia, it will calm your stomach which can get pretty worked up if you’re stressed enough.


For people who have issues with anxiety, lavender can be a real life-saver. Anxiety has the tendency to keep you from falling asleep, which can cause even more of it. Try taking some lavender tea to get your rest to wake up refreshed and stress-free.

Aloe Vera

Many people know about aloe vera’s benefits for sunburn and dry skin, but did you know it can also help with acid reflux and mild constipation? Not only can you apply it topically, you can actually ingest it for healing properties as well.


If you feel like you’re coming down with something, consider trying some lemongrass tea. Lemongrass is full of antioxidants and will help break down any phlegm you may have.


Marigolds are fantastic at aiding both skin and digestive issues. If you struggle with acne, sunburn, or upset stomachs, this plant is a great option to give you relief.

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