Magnolia – Beautiful, Decorative, And Healing?

Maybe you just are one of lovers magnolia – a beautiful plant beautiful flowers and aromatic scent which adorns many gardens this spring.

Magnolia has a beneficial effect on human mood, so the extract of her bark can be used to treat anxiety, tension, nervousness, and insomnia.And this is just one of the many medicinal properties of this extraordinary plant.

Few know that the beautiful magnolia and medicinal herb.In our country, it is regularly omitted in the books on medicinal herbs, while Chinese and Japanese in their traditional medicine for two thousand years using the beneficial effects of the extract of its bark.After all, Asia is also the continent from which this plant spurs (the Magnolia tree has more than 80 species of deciduous and trained trees and shrubs).

Extract of magnolia bark

Utilization of the extract of magnolia bark widespread today primarily in the cosmetics industry.The bark of the magnolia has two polyphenol compound: magnolol and Honokiol.They reduce facial redness and improve hydration and elasticity of the skin.

The main role of these ingredients is to protect the plant from stress.Such an antistress effect of the magnolia bark also has on humans.More precisely, magnolol and honokiol regulate the cortisol hormone level, which, in stressful situations, is enhanced by the rising adrenal gland.Increased secretion of cortisol can cause various adverse conditions in the body, etc. the occurrence of high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypothyroidism occurrence, hormonal imbalance (decreased secretion of growth hormone, and gonads), and an impaired activity of the immune system.

So, Magnolia has a beneficial effect on human mood so the extract of her bark can be used to treat anxiety, tension, nervousness, and insomnia.

magnolia flover

Cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and muscular system

Honokiol and magnolol show stronger antioxidant activity than vitamin E.They work favorably on cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and muscular systems.

Candy for breath containing magnolia bark extract during a consummation kills most oral bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay.Due to the wide range of activities and modern Western medicine is an increasingly evident justification of the use of the extract of magnolia bark in various preparations.Scientists at Emory University in Atlanta came to the conclusion that just Honokiol effect on proteins involved in the formation and growth of tumor cells.

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