Jamun Juice To Control Diabetes

Jamun Juice To Control Diabetes. Black plum often referred to as Jamun, is a very nutritious plant, native to India, Queensland, and China. The benefits of including the fruit in your diet vary from controlling ulcers, relieving stomach issues – such as preventing indigestion and cleaning the digestive tract. To curbing more serious issues such as helping the body to fight dysentery and reducing spleen enlargement.

Most relevant to our cause is the medicinal benefits of jamun and its derivative Jamun juice offers to people suffering from diabetes.

Benefits of Jamun:

Acts as a powerful antioxidant.
Helps to improve immunity.
Is a good source of vitamin A and C, so is very beneficial for eye and skin health
Powdered Jamun seeds are known to control the blood sugar levels.
Jamun acts as a coolant.
It also possesses anti-diarrhoeal properties, so is beneficial for the digestive system.
It is used in the treatment of a sore throat and asthma in Ayurveda.
Jamun leaves were used for healing pus-filled wounds in the ancient days, which suggests that it has anti-bacterial and healing properties too!
Being rich in antioxidants, it improves immunity and helps to prevent cancer.

Jamun for Diabetes

There have been various studies conducted thus far in support of the specific effects of janum on people suffering from diabetes. For instance, one study, despite the study being conducted with reference to bitter melon, it was found that a powdered mixture of jamun seeds, seeks and Jamun seeds led to better glycemic control with people administered with the same.

Another study carried out at the Nimra College of Pharmacy[source], in collaboration with the Central Drug Research Institute found that the main action of jamun juice is on the pancreas, the main organ responsible for diabetes. Janum and its derivatives (seeds, leaves, and juice) contain a type of sugar known as jamboline which, once ingested, helps check the conversion of starch into sugar. This leads to a decrease in blood sugar levels, in the case of people with excessive sugar.

The same study found that oral administration of Jamun extracts, referred to as the Indian BlackBerry, helped reduce the blood sugar levels in the test patients. The tested remedies were dried alcohol extracts, barks, and powdered seeds. However, these are the same components used to concoct Jamun juice.

Janum is especially advised to be taken regularly during the summer thanks to its low glycemic index. This way, it can help relieve lots of symptoms associated with diabetes such as thrusting and frequent urination. It has a very noticeable cooling effect in the presence of such hot, sunny weather.

How to Make Jamun Juice

Jamun can be consumed in any one of the following three ways, each as efficient as the next:

Method 1:

After you’ve rinsed the fruits, blend them and consume them as you wish. You may add some water and ice cubes to make it finer.

Method 2:

Rinse the fruits, place them in a container, add water and heat it up to the point of boiling.
Turn the heat off and let the mixture cool.
Remove the seeds and blend the pulp together with some warm water.
Once fine enough to your satisfaction, sieve the mixture and serve.

Method 3:

Take some Jamun seeds, dry them and grind them into a powder.
Strain the powder and consume a small quantity of the same mixed with some water.

Include jamun in your diet:

  1. Jamun juice can go very well with your breakfast.
  2. Jamun fruits are a good option for snacking.
  3. Add jamun pulp in wheat flour and prepare small pancakes for your kids.
  4.  Fruit pieces can be added into yogurt to prepare a flavored yogurt.
  5.  Milkshakes also taste yummy.
  6. Jamun ice cream can be prepared at home. It can be cooked with a little sugar and added on vanilla ice cream as a topping.
  7. Same can be added to cookies as a topping.
  8. Jamun jellies and jams are kids’ favourites.
  9.  Smoothies also can be a great option for evening snacks.

Jamun has also been reported to be protective in liver disease, which could play an important role in the prevention of liver damage (necrosis and fibrosis). In addition, studies also show an anti-cancer potential of Jamun fruit extract. These could be possibly due to several bioactive phytochemicals including polyphenols which have the purple pigment called anthocyanin. Studies show that berry fruit consumption may also provide benefits during chemotherapy and radiation. Research confirms that polyphenolic compounds have far-reaching health benefits. They help in the prevention of several chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, aging and arthritis. In the end for the question of what is Jamun, one can say that it is a wonder fruit that offers exceptional benefits to all people.

Together with some antiviral properties, jamun is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, which gives it great antidiabetic properties. However, it should be taken in moderation, and only once taken by a doctor. It may have serious side-effects otherwise.

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