Good Reasons Why Women Should Drink Beer

Moderate drinking of alcoholic drinks is good for health. Moreover, recent studies have shown that beer, and especially black, has many benefits to the health and beauty of women. Here’s why it’s not a bad idea to drink a glass of beer!

Protects your heart!

Moderate drinking of beer increases the amount of good cholesterol, decreases the level of the bad. Dilutes blood and thus reduces the risk of heart attack. One Italian study has shown that women who drink one beer a day have 42 percent less chance of getting cardiovascular disease than those who did not drink alcoholic beverages.

Above all, moderately drinking alcohol reduces the possibility of getting type 2 diabetes.

“Kills” spring fatigue!

Do you feel tired and irritable? You probably suffer from the effects of the spring fatigue, associated, among other things, with iron deficiency in the blood. It is difficult to absorb from food. Black beer is an excellent source of exactly that mineral. The effect of alcohol, on the other hand, will also positively solve problems with insomnia.

‘Beer is a rich source of vitamin B, especially B 12 which is not in the herbal world and is responsible for creating red blood cells. Sometimes, in Irish children, he gave two Guinness teaspoons exactly as a remedy.

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Reduces body inflammation!

Research has shown that black beer has more nutrients than light beer. In 350 milliliters of black beer, for example, there is more than one gram of dietary fiber (in the same amount of light beer there is less than 1 gram of dietary fiber), which guarantees the digestive system’s health, reduces swelling and constipation.

Treats the skin!

Beer is an excellent source of vitamin B complexes (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, and cobalamin). Which is responsible for a nice and tense skin, helps maintain muscle tone and energizes the whole body.

The black beer has more nutrients than the light, and offers a range of health benefits: it reduces bad cholesterol, stimulates digestion, cleanses the skin and strengthens the immune system.

Since the food does not absorb enough of the vitamin from this group, it needs to be compensated in some other way. There is even some ‘urban’ legend that mosquitoes avoid people who have balanced amounts of B complexes in the body.

Scientists have been thoroughly analyzed by the ingredients and conducted experiments to find that the beer contained in the yeast and the husk strengthens nails and hair. In old Egypt, wealthy women were baking their hair with beer, because it was becoming brighter and more beautiful.

Black beer has more nutrients than the light and offers a range of health benefits: it reduces bad cholesterol, stimulates digestion, spurs skin and strengthens the body’s immunity.

Prevent colds and have anti-inflammatory properties

Beer is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and selenium that protect your body from seasonal illnesses. It also contains numerous antioxidants that strengthen body immunity.

‘Beer is a food that is equally borne with other healthy foods with a bitter taste. Such as olive oil, spinach, chard, and hops, as the main ingredient of beer, is a rich source of lust, strong anti-inflammatory compounds. Ravioli with hummus inhibit the enzymes responsible for triggering inflammatory processes, ‘

Strengths up the bones!

Women who drink two small beers a day have stronger bones than those of the tenderer who do not enjoy that alcoholic beverage.

The same has shown that beer contains significant amounts of biodegradable silicon, which is one of the significant elements of which human bones are built. Moderate drinking of beer is therefore highly recommended for menopausal women who are associated with bone density reduction.

Hydrates after exercise!

Forget about energy drinks, after exercising, drink a glass of beer. Spanish researchers from the University of Granada have proven that beer has a better hydrating effect on the body. Than ordinary water when the body reaches more temperatures, which is the case with more serious recreational and professional athletes.

‘Beer also contains a large amount of biotin important for energy, contains antistress mineral magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon. Therefore, beer is an extremely good isotonic. Beer relieves, acts anti-inflammatory and excellent food.

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Good Reasons Why Women Should Drink Beer