Foods To Increase Iron Levels In Your Blood

Foods To Increase Iron Levels In Your Blood. A reduced amount of iron leads to anemia, a state where the body is unable to produce a sufficient amount of hemoglobin, which is one of the most important proteins in your body.

Symptoms, when you have the iron deficiency, are pale skin, dizziness, headache, sleepiness, weakness and fatigue, loss of appetite, hair loss and brittle nails.

In order to treat iron deficiency, it is essential to normalize the level of iron in your blood. An important part of achieving a normal level of iron is a proper eating diet and consuming foods that are rich in iron.

Date palm fruit

This fruit contains high amounts of iron and can increase the level of hemoglobin in your blood. It’s been proven that dates can also improve your heart health and reduce the risk of diabetes.


This fruit has high levels of iron and vitamin C. Regular eating of watermelons can increase the level of hemoglobin in your blood and help you stay hydrated.

Red meat

Red meat (veal, lamb, pork) is rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus and B vitamins. In order to stabilize the level of iron in your blood, it is recommended that you include a piece of red meat in your meals three times a week.

Sesame seeds

Sesame is another healthy food that contains large amounts of iron. In addition, sesame is rich in zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin E. This seed will help you regulate cholesterol levels and improves the health of your blood vessels. It also helps prevent osteoporosis.


Beans of all sorts are an excellent source of iron. It is very important that you include beans in everyday meals. You can combine it with food such as kale, pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, which are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for proper absorption of iron in your body.


Lentil is an excellent source of iron, and it is also rich in nutrient fibers. In addition, the lentil can help you reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels. The best way to consume it is as a soup.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are perfect for providing your body with the essential mineral needs. They are rich in iron, but also they contain high amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc. It is important to include them in your diet because they will also help you improve immunity and thanks to the antioxidants that they contain, they will protect your body from cancer.


Spinach is one of the richest natural sources of iron. This plant also contains high amounts of vitamins A and E, calcium, fiber and proteins.

The best way to consume spinach is raw as a salad, but you can also use it cooked and add it in pie, lasagna and etc.


Beetroot is one of the foods that is mostly recommended for the treatment of anemia. It is very rich in iron and contributes to the improvement of blood. It is best that you consume it freshly in a salad or drink beetroot juice.


Honey contains a significant amount of iron. In addition, the honey contains copper and magnesium that can help you increase hemoglobin levels in your blood. Consuming a teaspoon of honey with lemon every day will help you fight the anemia, but it will also strengthen your overall health.

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Foods To Increase Iron Levels In Your Blood

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