First Signs Of Cancer That 90% Of People Ignore

First Signs Of Cancer That 90% Of People Ignore. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the greatest gift one could ever gift to themselves. A sense of well-being, a fit body, and a sharp mind are the best assets one could ever possess. Sadly, the significance of health is only realized when we begin to lose it. Every disease, before ravaging our body, gives ‘signs.’ If we are in touch with our mind and body, we can pick up these signs; but if we aren’t, then we might end up giving up on our health. A disease as grave as cancer isn’t any different. It shows ‘signs’ that are very clear, yet we tend to ignore them. Do you want to know what the ‘early’ signs of cancer are? I am sure you do! In that case, read on.

Skin Issues

Irregularities in the skin that do not look like a food or cosmetic product allergies can be a red flag. Skin disorders that crop up suddenly and have no resemblance to an allergy are signs of skin and breast cancer. Apart from this, if you see lumps in the armpit area and breasts, then it must be taken seriously. You may also see wounds on your skin that you’ve never had before. You may also see moles growing larger. If you see any of these signs, its time to consult the doctor at the earliest.

Prolonged Cough

If you have been suffering from spells of coughing for no reason, it is time you switch on your internal alarms. Coughing can be difficult for the system and it can drain one’s energy totally. If you see a slow decline in your appetite and if you see yourself shrinking for no reason, it’s time to stop all those home remedies for that cough. A cough, lack of appetite, and unexplained weight loss are common signs of cancer. If in an advanced stage, one may experience blood while coughing as well as breathlessness. Make sure you catch those signs early!


If you have a sense of itching, then it may not be anything that is related to cancer. But itching cannot be entirely ignored as it may carry signs of a growing tumor. According to experts, itching may be just a sign of dry skin or a skin allergy, but if you have an intense itching sensation, then it shouldn’t be ignored.

Cancer in the biliary tract (bile duct), skin cancer, cancer that has made its way into the liver, blood cancer, lymphoma, and Paget’s disease (a type of breast cancer) are some types of cancer enlisted here that can cause severe itching. It is also found that itching in the nostril area is associated with brain cancer and itching in the genital area is linked to ovarian cancer.

Stool Troubles

Watch out for signs such as pus, mucus or blood in your stools. Any of these discharges are abnormal and you must see the doctor at once. The first signs of colon cancer are the ones that indicate a disruption in the intestines (such as these) and gastric troubles.

Urine Colour

The color of one’s urine is a significant indicator of an underlying health condition. For example, an abnormal color of the urine is also a sign of kidney cancer. In case of kidney cancer, other signs such as blood in the urine, rising blood pressure levels, pain in the kidney area, and constant fatigue also begin to show up.

Weight Loss

The drastic drop in your weight without a reason is a red flag difficult to ignore. The rapid downfall of one’s weight is a sign of stomach cancer. In the beginning, it is hard to notice the weight change, but as cancer progresses, this symptom is followed by other symptoms too. These symptoms can be a sense of repulsion towards meat, feeling full too soon, and anemia.

Persistent Throat Infection

A throat infection that never seems to go, despite trying all possible remedies and doing your best to abstain from everything that might have caused it, could be a sign of throat cancer. Along with stubborn throat symptoms such as feeling pain while breathing and swallowing, a feeling of a lump in the throat area, a croaky voice that eventually gets lost, and mucus and blood in the mouth are signs of an advanced stage of throat cancer.

Any disease can be a challenge if not diagnosed in time. Staying in tune with your body and paying heed to the signs it gives is very important to stay healthy. Our body is a marvel and it is our responsibility to keep that marvel going. It’s a pity that our body isn’t on social media and that makes it slightly difficult for us to keep in touch with it! Nevertheless, it isn’t harder than losing your health, isn’t it?

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