Dandelion – Healing And Edible Plant


Dandelion – Healing And Edible Plant. Originally from Europe and North Asia.And he wins the whole world.This plant was not known by either the Greeks or the Romans, and it is assumed that the barbarian peoples were brought to Europe.Only in the 6th century, many doctors recognized it as a healing and nutritious plant.

Like a golden carpet covering the entire meadows. After blooming turns into a softball with parachutes that the wind carries.Dandelion can be classified and the grass and the vegetables.He was glad to be seen on our table in a salad but also as a cure in our apothecaries.Its leaves and roots are usable.It is very useful and the animals themselves are looking for nutrition, most rabbits.

Dandelion is a perennial plant.As soon as spring comes people go to nature to gather a lot of young leaves and flowers.Dandelion blooms almost all year round which makes it unusual and valuable.This plant is a great diuretic and helps with liver disease.It is recommended for those who suffer from diabetes, cellulitis, rheumatism and various skin diseases.

From it are made very delicious salads as well as teas.The root of the dandelion can be read in the fall immediately after flowering.It revitalizes the body, regulates digestion and enhances urination.Whitish milk that leaks when we break the stem very successfully treated warts.Just cover them several times.

Dandelion - Healing And Edible Plant

If dropped in each eye at a stroke executive clear cornea.Eat plenty of salad of dandelion and do not forget that the whole plant for use, in particular, its root.The dandelion works on all organs perfectly. It acts on the digestion to enhance the mechanical function of the stomach, stimulates liver function, pancreas and intestines.To all who suffer from hepatitis, pain and poor liver function, rough skin, eczema, etc.and diabetics are assisted by a “doctor” DANDELION.

It is a good tonic, cleanses the blood and promotes urination.In the application of extraordinary treated ulcers, inflammation and skin diseases.


The leaves are eaten in spring because then they are the least and the most delightful.Use large summer leaves and flowers to prepare teas.The root is taken in August and September.

Preparation and use:


From roots, leaves or blends.Put three tablespoons of chopped herbs on one liter of boiled water.When it stays for 10-15 minutes, drink in the course of the day, three times.


From a fresh plant to make a juice in a blender, use 2-3 tablespoons a day.

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